The Latest iPhone Has Huawei and Samsung Flagship Similar Features

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When the Android smartphone manufacturers have scrambled to spawn its flagship device, Apple is currently still busy preparing for the latest iPhone which will be released in September with new technology.

iPhone 11 or whatever the name of the latest iPhone that will be released this year will reportedly follow the flagship of Huawei and Samsung. One source of component suppliers for the latest iPhone has leaked the information.

It is said that the latest iPhone will bring the wireless PowerShare feature or in other words can supply power to other devices wirelessly. But it looks like this feature will only apply to charging Apple devices, such as AirPods for example.

Well, the question is whether the presence of the PowerShare feature means that the latest iPhone will also be equipped with battery charging technology faster than before? Just for info, the iPhone X series currently supports fast charging, it’s just that it requires a fast charger which is unfortunately sold separately.

Yes, a little different from most flagship Androids that rely on fast charging based on Quick Charge, the iPhone relies on fast charging with 18-watt Power Delivery technology. Of course it will be very interesting if the iPhone really brings faster and more sophisticated battery charging technology.

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