Xiaomi will release the Mi 9 variant Explorer Edition 8GB / 256GB

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Xiaomi has made a breakthrough earlier this year by introducing the Xiaomi Mi 9 . Yes! This is one of the strongest flagship Android smartphones capable of tempting many gadget lovers earlier this year. Not only that, Xiaomi also presents the Mi 9 Explorer Edition .

You could say, the Mi 9 Explorer Edition comes to meet the needs of users who want more RAM and a striking transparent rear body. However, it seems that some users are disappointed that the Mi 9 Explorer Edition does not have 8 GB RAM options and 256 GB ROM .

But there is no need to wait long, this consumer complaint was immediately responded to by the Director of Xiaomi Products, Wang Teng Thomas. Through his Weibo account, Thomas insists that Xiaomi will soon release the Mi 9 Explorer Edition 8 GB RAM and 256 GB ROM.

Yes! This model will certainly be between the regular Mi 9 position and Explorer Edition RAM of 12 GB + ROM 256 GB. Apart from additional RAM and a 48 MP main camera, f / 1.47 with a 7P lens, the Mi 9 Explorer Edition has the same specifications as the regular Mi 9.

This smartphone is also packed with Super AMOLED FullHD + screen measuring 6.39 inches. Inside it is the Snapdragon 855 chipset with 8GB or 12GB RAM. The 20 MP front camera also complements three rear cameras with a 48 MP + 16 MP + 12 MP configuration.

Speculation is circulating, the Mi 9 Explorer Edition 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM will be launched by Xiaomi at the end of March 2019. How much is it? It is estimated that, this smartphone will be priced at 3,599 yuan, or about 7.7 million .

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