IPhone 2019 battery is bigger and Support Reverse Charging

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To create a device intended for upper-class consumers, not a few smartphone manufacturers are competing to offer bezel-less screens. Yes! It has been running since last year and now smartphone manufacturers are ready to enter the 5G era.

For example, Samsung, which in the near future will launch the Samsung Galaxy S10 + with 5G connectivity capabilities. Meanwhile, Samsung’s competitors, namely Huawei also did not want to lose. They have prepared Huawei Mate X also with 5G connectivity capabilities.

But that is not less interesting, the reverse wireless charging feature is likely to rise from the middle of this year. As we know, Huawei has started by inserting these features into the Huawei Mate 20 Pro which was introduced last year.

Well! The same feature was also adopted by Samsung into the Galaxy S10 , and the South Korean electronics giant called it  Wireless PowerShare . Do not want to miss, Huawei also buried the reverse wireless charging feature into the latest ammunition, Huawei P30 Pro .

Huawei has started and Samsung has also used it. Well! Reportedly this feature will also be adopted by Apple in the iPhone line that will appear this year. At least, that’s the latest report that comes out of the mouth of renowned analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo.

No different from Samsung’s Wireless PowerShare, later the reverse wireless charging feature on the iPhone 2019 will also be able to charge wirelessly to other iPhones or AirPods with Wireless Charging Case or compatible Qi devices.

Kuo also gave a leak that Compeq will supply battery boards and STMicro will supply Apple with a two-way wireless charging controller. In order for this to function optimally, the battery capacity and battery boards for the iPhone 2019 are expected to increase.

The successor to the iPhone Xs Max is expected to have a 10% to 15% larger battery, while the successor to the iPhone Xs is expected to have a battery capacity of 20% to 25% greater. The successor to the iPhone Xr is estimated to be 5% bigger.

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