Take note! This is the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Launch Date

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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G on the way. Even so, Samsung is confident to inform the price and release date of the smartphone. As revealed, the new flagship variant will be released first in South Korea.

The Galaxy S10 5G was originally expected to be released in Samsung’s home country at the end of last month. However, the difference between the government and telecommunication operators on the pricing plan has finally delayed the launch of the smartphone.

The South Korean government accelerated the 5G launch after Verizon’s announcement that it would launch its 5G cellular network on April 11. It is confirmed that 5G networks will be present in South Korea starting April 5, 2019.

Seeing that, of course Samsung rushed to take advantage by offering the Galaxy S10 5G. Samsung itself has confirmed that this smartphone can already be purchased in South Korea starting April 5, 2019. Operator partners in that country have also started receiving orders at the beginning.

Then, what about the price? The Galaxy S10 5G with an internal storage with a capacity of 256 GB is priced at 1.39 million Won or equivalent to Rp . 17.5 million . The colors offered are Crown Silver, Majestic Black and Royal Gold.

Whereas the 512 GB internal storage model is sold at 1.55 million Won or equivalent to Rp19.5 million and is available in two color choices, namely Crown Silver and Majestic Black. New general sales will begin on April 15, 2019.

After being present in South Korea, Samsung will then bring the Galaxy S10 5G to the United States market. Samsung has also previously confirmed that the latest flagship handset will be released on the European market in the summer or around July 2019.

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