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OPPO surprises again. Yes! This Chinese smartphone manufacturer is likely to release Reno OPPO on the Indonesian market. This was also reinforced by the list of TKDN that had been listed on the P3DN website of the Ministry of Industry coded CPH 1917 .

It was noted, the OPPO Reno smartphone had received TKDN value of 35.05%. In addition, this smartphone has also been listed on the website of the Directorate General of SDDPI of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications with number 61444 / SDPPI / 2019.

Another surprise, before the OPPO Reno was officially present in Indonesia, OPPO also planned to provide an opportunity for several selected people to get Reno earlier. Yes! OPPO will hold an activity that is online.

“We have a plan to provide limited accuracy to some selected consumers to have the OPPO Reno device earlier. The high level of consumer interest in this device is our basis of consideration, “said Aryo Meidianto A, PR Manager of OPPO Indonesia.

Besides this activity will be online, OPPO will also collaborate with one of the largest e-commerce in Indonesia. Currently OPPO is preparing a mechanism for selected consumers to be able to own this device in the near future.

OPPO Reno itself comes with the advantage of a 48 MP main camera. Not only is claimed to be able to capture more detailed images, but also sharp and color works. The advantage that is brought from the sensor with large megapixels can produce large images if you want to print.

In addition, OPPO Reno also has a second camera as a depth sensor that serves to create a bokeh effect. For the selfie-camera, OPPO Reno carries a pivot rising camera that has a shark-like appearance when activated.

In addition to carrying a 16 MP sensor on the front camera, on this pivot rising camera module OPPO also inserts a soft light that helps users to provide additional light when taking selfies, especially in low light conditions.

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