Samsung Galaxy Note10 Has Fast Charging Faster?

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Samsung has finished with the flagship Galaxy S10 Series and now the focus of the South Korean electronics giant is developing the Galaxy Note10 . This smartphone is also expected to launch in the second half of this year.

Previously mentioned this smartphone will come in standard and pro variants. Well! For the last variant mentioned, Samsung will immerse jumbo capacity batteries. Yes! Mentioned, the smartphone will have a 4,500 mAh capacity battery.

The latest leak, Samsung is expected to equip the Galaxy Note10 with the technology of charging faster than 25W. As we know, Samsung has just announced a 25W fast charging for the Galaxy A70 .

It was said by the Ice Universe via his Twitter account that Samsung will reveal strong charging techniques through the latest Note series that are being worked on. “Note10 charging is not 25w” ≠ “less than 25w”, writes the Ice Universe.

It is fitting for Samsung to have to start working on 50W fast charging technology. We can see this from a smartphone manufacturer from China, namely OPPO, which has been so confident in making a special edition smartphone OPPO Find X Lambhorgini .

If the Galaxy Note10 later gets support for improved fast charging, it will be a significant improvement from the Galaxy S10 Series introduced earlier this year. As we know, Samsung buried 18W fast charging into the smartphone.

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