This is Huawei’s Response About Revoking Google Licenses

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The trade war between the United States and China affected Huawei . Yes! The United States accuses Huawei of being an accomplice of the Chinese government. As a result, the Chinese technology giant was banned and several companies from the United States were banned from cooperating with Huawei.

As shown by Google , they have revoked Huawei’s license to use the Android operating system it developed. Yes! This also includes the use of exclusive applications and services developed by Google.

Responding to this, Huawei said that it would provide increased security for all existing devices, including smartphones and tablets produced by Huawei and its sub-brands, namely Honor.

Furthermore, Huawei also emphasized that owners of smartphones and tablets made by Huawei can enjoy all Google services and after-sales as usual. Even Huawei also mentioned its efforts to make Android better for users and industry.

In line with that, Google has also clarified that its Play Store service on Huawei devices will not be affected. This means that Huawei smartphone and tablet users can still continue to improve their applications.

Not only does Google cut off relations with Huawei, two technology giants from US-based processor developers, namely Qualcomm and Intel also do the same. Yes! This is a tough decision that ultimately has to be faced by Huawei.

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