Realme confirmed that they will present their latest smartphone line, namely Realme X to Indonesia. Mentioned through the release received by DroidLime , Realme X will swing in the Indonesian market on July 25, 2019 and […]

Realme 3 series will get new members on July 15, 2019 later. As we know, this series already has Realme 3 and Realme 3 Pro . Well! The next week that will arrive soon is Realme 3i . This smartphone itself […]

Realme has just announced the presence of Realme C2 which is known as “entry-level king” in Indonesia with the latest variant. Yes! This time Realme C2 presents 2 GB / 32 GB to complement the two previous […]

A few days before 2018 ended, news about the entry-level smartphone Realme wanted to make appeared on the internet. At that time, it was reported that the smartphone will soon launch, but until now […]

Not long ago Realme just rolled out an operating system update for its two entry-level smartphones, Realme 1 and Realme U1. Now Realme is releasing an operating system update for its […]

In March this year, Realme announced the Realme 3 smartphone , and it seems that the Realme 3 replacement is under development. Yes! Recently a video has appeared online and shows the retail box from Realme 4 . In […]

Again and again, Realme noted positive things in the Indonesian smartphone market. Yes! Realme has recently released a statement stating that Realme C2 has been sold in thousands of units in just minutes on a flash […]

Realme will launch Realme X on May 15 2019. However, Realme shut up about the price of this smartphone. Previously, Realme had shared an official poster that showed the intact design of the new […]

This weekend Realme is ready to launch Realme X in China. The closer to the launch time, Realme also shares more and more details about the new smartphone. Yes! Most recently, Realme shared a poster about Realme […]

Speculation on the intenet and discussed by gadget lovers, Realme will release Realme X . Mentioned, this smartphone will be driven by Snapdragon 730 . Yes! This 8 nanometer SoC was previously only available on the Galaxy A80 which was introduced […]

Realme has brought two new smartphones to Indonesia, namely Realme 3 Pro and Realme C2. As already informed, Realme 3 Pro comes to target middle-class consumers who want affordable prices. While Realme C2 is intended for entry-level […]

One interesting thing about the Realme event which was held in Depok, West Java (8/5), they not only introduced Realme 3 Pro , but also brought Realme C2 to the Indonesian market. Yes! Dubbed “The New […]

After announcing that they will bring Realme 3 Pro to Indonesia, Realme again gave a new announcement that they will also bring their newest entry-level smartphone, Realme C2 . It is believed, this smartphone will replace Realme C1which […]

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