Not only launched Realme C2 , Realme also made a breakthrough with the release of Realme 3 Pro . This smartphone was officially introduced at an event held in New Delhi, India. Realme 3 Pro comes […]

Redmi, which is now a sub-brand of Xiaomi this week, will release Redmi Y3 . This middle class device will be the first Redmi smartphone that comes with front camera support aka 32 MP selfie-camera. But […]

Redmi will make a Snapdragon 855 smartphone with a brain that has been heard since early February. In fact, this was reinforced by the confirmation expressed by Redmi officials themselves. Now, the device appears in […]

Xiaomi’s Redmi Series is known as the smartphone series that is made specifically for the Mid-range Entry-level segment. But recently there was news that there would be a Redmi series targeting […]

   Every month AnTuTu always releases a list of the 10 best performing smartphones. In March 2019, AnTuTu placed the Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer as the new leader, who took the […]

XDA Developers again gives a leak that sounds pretty interesting. Yes! Xiaomi, a smartphone manufacturer from China is reportedly busy working on a new device called “pyxis”. It is estimated, this smartphone will […]

Xiaomi has released the Mi 9 in the middle of February 2019 ago. One of the Mi 9 models that was also introduced was the Mi 9 SE . Unfortunately, the new Xiaomi markets the Mi 9 […]

Xiaomi again made a surprise by enriching the Mi 9 line it developed. Yes! Recently the smartphone manufacturer from China has released the latest variant of the Mi 9 Transparent Edition . This smartphone comes with 8 GB RAM […]

  After being first introduced in China, and also marketed in India, Redmi finally kept its promise to gadget lovers in Indonesia. Yes! The new Xiaomi sub-brand brings its new smartphone, the Redmi […]

  Last year Xiaomi released the Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite which were included in the Android One line . In the next few months, it is fitting for Xiaomi to release the successor of the two […]