Huawei introduces Harmony OS and says it can leave Android in just one or two days

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Huawe i officially introduced Harmony OS , the multi- device operating system that was known as HongMeng

Huawei presents its Harmony OS operating system
Huawei presents its Harmony OS operating system | Source: RPP News

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Huawei started its Developers conference in Dongguan (China) with a clear message: You can live without Google if the situation with Donald Trump complicates. After the company experienced an American embargo full of political dyes in May 2019, it became known that there was an alternative operating system made in China tothe latent danger of running out of Android.

Richard Yu , CEO of the company’s consumer division, announced Harmony OS , a multi-device Linux-based operating system. Huawei already has a version that could be used if the United States complicates its relations with Google again.

“In one or two days”

“We can do it at any time, but we give priority to the Google system for the sake of the ecosystem… Migrating is not that difficult. It’s very simple. We can do it in one or two days. ”

Harmony OS is compatible with HTML 5, Linux and Android . In addition, it has a powerful compiler: ARK. Yu said the first device with Harmony OS will be Honor, sub-brand of Huawei, to be presented on Saturday at the developer conference.

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