Huawei released a new operating system, HarmonyOS, ready to support all devices

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Huawei offers HarmonyOS  that is ready to provide a continuous and efficient user experience for all Supported devices and in all situations at the Huawei Developer Conference by the new HarmonyOS operating system, a distributed operating system that uses Microkernel to manage system resources. 

Richard Yu, Chief Executive Officer, Huawei Consumer Business Group, discusses the idea behind the development of this operating system. “Our world is stepping into a time when consumers need experience from various things. Intelligent and holistic From this fact Huawei is therefore aware of the importance of developing an operating system that can support multiple devices. 

We therefore want to develop an operating system that can be used in all situations. Supports working with various platforms and devices And must respond quickly Including having to be safe with consumers as well. “

“Leaders What Is Said above Clear Is A The away goal Of The Development Of More Harmony the OS, Which Is An Operating System That Is Different From your Android And the iOS Operating systems’s. Of Due To More Harmony the OS, it Do  Has A basic for Microkernel System Management And’s Distributed * Operating the System. 

More Harmony the OS Operating.  Can Provide A Great User Experience In Every detailed rhythm Of Life. It Is Also A Robust Operating System. With The High Security And Can Be on used To Cross The Device Perfectly Software Translator Developers do Do Not Need To Design Applications For Different Devices. john Because Only One Design Can Be. compatible with any device that uses the Harmony OS operating system ,  “addedRichard Yu.


At present, operating system developers often present And throughout the decade, Huawei recognizes that the world will be connected together as one. Huawei is constantly trying to find ways to help enhance the consumer experience. So that consumers can use unlimited intelligent devices 

HarmonyOS is a simple yet powerful operating system. Huawei will start using this operating system with Smart Watch, Smart TV (Smart Screen), In-Vehicle Systems. And intelligent Huawei speakers expects the development of this operating system will help consumers who use Huawei products. The Experience Of The Device Continuously Using the Get the Safe And Compatible With All Devices.


1. Work continuously on all devices: Harmony OS  is an operating system for 
The first distributed distributed operating system (Smart Device) can work with any device. 

HarmonyOS is an operating system that can support intelligent features including Shared Communications Platform, Distributed Data Management, Distributed Task Scheduling, and Virtual Peripherals. In addition, software developers can focus on developing various features. 

Of the application fully Without needing to study in-depth details of application development to suit various devices It also allows the distribution or presentation of applications for various types of devices. Is easy Because this operating system has an operating system architecture that is Distributed OS and supports Distributed Virtual Bus technology. 
Applications for this operating system can be used with different devices continuously. 

2. Work smoothly on technology Deterministic Latency Engine and high-performance IPC

Harmony OS uses Deterministic Latency Engine and High-Performance Inter Process Communication (IPC) for smooth operation. Deterministic Latency Engine technology will help prioritize the order of work and set the time frame for word work.

Order In advance Allowing system resources to be able to handle more important tasks first Reducing application delay by up to 25.7%. Moreover, Huawei’s microkernel is also compatible with IPC technology, resulting in 5 times higher performance than other operating systems. 


3. High security: Redefining security from the core of the system using Microkernel.

Harmony OS uses the latest microkernel architecture. That is more secure and works smoother than ever before And simplifies the development of the system kernel because Microkernel will be responsible for developing the system kernel to support critical functions such as assigning sequences of commands on threads and IPC systems. 

Harmony OS Microkernel has a formal verification confirmation system that runs on the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), which is a new concept of system security and reliability. 

By Formal Verification systems’s That Work By Creating Data Models To of check All instrument parts Of The Software And Use Mathematical compliant algorithms To Verify The Accuracy Of The System From The Source Which Is Different From The Traditional Verification System, Such As of Functional MOLISA or Add Attack, Simulation The, Which Can Not. fully check the security

Harmony OS is the first operating system that has a formal verification confirmation system that works, which raises the level of security significantly. John Because This Operating System Has Fewer Lines Of Code on used For Development Than Used Other Operating systems’s of Due To The Use Of The Microkernel System, The Number Of Lines Of Code That Is Less Than The Operating System Developed From Linuxkernel To 1 Per 1,000 Makes The More Harmony the OS  Have. system fewer than other systems   

4. Develop a single application, can use every device with Multi-Device IDE.

Harmony OS supports Multi-Device IDE, which is a system that supports multiple computer languages ​​and has a architecture that supports specific application development. The operating system is able to adjust the size to suit the screen. Command feeder Or tools for interacting with different users automatically It also supports both drag and drop. 

Including virtual software preview in the development process as well Software developers can reduce the time required to develop software to support all devices because the Multi-device IDE allows software developers to write a set of instructions only once, bringing their software to use with all devices. Which uses the Harmony OS operating system  and also helps to improve the level of work with various devices seamlessly to the next level 

HUAWEI ARK Compiler is the first static compiler that is as powerful as the Virtual Machine of Android operating system. This will allow developers to compile complex code to allow the system to be converted into a simple code for quick and easy operation. HUAWEI ARK Compiler is very useful for developers. 


On the same occasion Huawei also presented the development guidelines for both the Harmony OS  and the kernel of the system. The Harmony OS  version 1.0 will be installed in Huawei’s Smart Screen products to be sold within. This year and within the next 3 years, Huawei expects to develop this operating system to be able to work with various types of smart devices such as Wearable, HUAWEI Vision and the operating system in the car.  


Of course, the success of Harmony OS  depends on the creation of the ecosystem of both applications and developers. Huawei will offer this open operating system for developers around the world. In addition, Huawei will also set up an open fund and developer community. To create in-depth cooperation with developers as well  

China There is a very strong user base and application ecosystem. Huawei will lay the foundation of this operating system in the People’s Republic of China. Before expanding to other markets around the world Huawei is ready to create and continue new values. To this operating system through joint development and exchange of information in various fields With both camera connection features and artificial intelligence (AI), Huawei will work closely with partners to develop services and applications to deliver both the best user experience and create new standards in industry 

Harmony OS will bring many benefits to users. Hardware manufacturers and developers by consumers will experience a powerful and seamless experience throughout every stroke of life. Hardware manufacturers will be able to develop hardware with new technologies such as 5G , artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT more easily and quickly. And for developers Will be able to reach many users using less cost And still work faster 

Richard Yu added that “Huawei believes that the Harmony OS operating system  will elevate the industry and fill the ecosystem to another level. Our goal is to help consumers gain a rich user experience. And efficiency. On this occasion, we invite the developers from all over the world to jointly develop this operating system with us. Because if we cooperate We will be able to deliver a superior user experience in every rhythm of life to users around the world. “  

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