Mobile network: the old 3G will no longer work. That’s why it could be turned off in Italy

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The new 5G network is now on the way , to be honest it has already arrived, given that in many Italian cities the fast network antennas have lit up and allow users to navigate at speeds never seen before with the smartphone. Clearly everything is still a “work in progress” and we know how the actual activation process of the new generation network will be long.

Just this installation process of the 5G network could create some premature death like that of the 3G network that will gradually be abandoned throughout Italy, making all cell phones that still use them clearly useless.

5G “kills” 3G: what will happen

According to some rumors of the last hour, the current operators, would be ready to make their move and close completely even though gradually what appears to be the mobile network now obsolete and somehow not very useful ie 3G . The news is clearly not official but in fact if this were the case for the 3G network as well as the 3.5G one they would disappear along with the historic technologies such as UMTS but also HDSPA and HSPA + which somehow made the history of the Italian network and not only .

If true, the decision to put an end to these networks would be two to economic but also technical reasons. The 5G is now a reality although still “primitive” but its arrival is predominantly a matter of months and this is what it is.

The old 3G network is now used in an emergency situation . So keeping a switched network on That is used in very rare cases can have an important fixed cost for operators who prefer to use Therefore Those same resources for the new 5G. We will be able to help you make the most of your 5G network which will become a support for the fast network just like it does today with 3G and 4G.

Clear that turning off to network like 3G will also allow for less electromagnetic emissions from the antennas . This is not exceeded anyway. Turning off the 3G network can bring you new benefits ready to revolutionize the world of telecommunications.

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