Samsung, Huawei and Apple: which one has the best Internet speed?

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Opensignal has made an extensive analysis on the Internet speed of the three largest mobile manufacturers, with the following results.

The struggle to determine which is the best smartphone manufacturer seems to be more fierce than ever. Designs that take advantage of every millimeter, performance similar to computers a few years ago, cameras that make us not miss our reflexes. It is true that the best phones are increasingly expensive, but also exceed their limits.

Sometimes it is difficult to measure which mobile phone is better in what situation, reasons why some specialized agencies carry out exhaustive studies. The last of these studies is from Opensignal, and tries to determine which of the three largest mobile manufacturers has the best connection speed.What was the manufacturer that sold the most mobiles?

Opensignal’s latest study reveals who is the manufacturer with the best Internet speed

Opensignal is an independent organization that conducts studies on the quality of the connection. They have recently published an analysis on the average connection speed among the three largest smartphone manufacturers. This is a test conducted with more than 23 million devices, with almost 118 million measurements from April 1 to June 30, 2019. All this to determine the experience of each manufacturer.

The graphics are arranged in decreasing order of Internet speed, highlighting Norway as the country with the best mobile network. Just in this same country, Samsung’s victory is overwhelming over Apple and Huawei.

If we continue to observe the graph we would arrive in Spain, where we have the following speed averages:

  • Samsung:  29 Mbps download.
  • Huawei: 26 Mbps download.
  • Apple : 25 Mbps download.

In countries like Mexico or Chile Samsung continues to maintain the leadership in connection speed, although the difference is less noticeable.

As a recap of this speed test, it is mentioned in which countries each of the manufacturers has been a clear winner. Samsung has won in 14 countries, Apple in 14, and Huawei has not managed to be a clear winner in any country. In 19 countries there is a technical tie, none of the three manufacturers being dominant.

Keep in mind that these measures are general, and that depending on the area you are in and the mobile and operator model you use, you can surely have very variable results.

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