This is the Leaked Price of the Cheapest Galaxy Note10 Series

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Samsung has introduced the Galaxy S10 Series earlier this year. Yes! There are three Galaxy S10 Series models introduced by Samsung, the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy S10e. Later, Samsung completed the Galaxy S10 Series with the Galaxy S10 5G.

Well! On August 7, 2019, Samsung will again introduce its newest premium smartphone, the Galaxy Note10. Being anticipated, there will be two Galaxy Note10 models that will be introduced by Samsung, the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10 + .

Interestingly, from each model that was introduced, Samsung will also make the Galaxy Note10 with 5G capability. Mentioned for this model, Samsung will mix with the support of RAM and internal storage that is no less surprising.

The question that also arises from many people, what is the price of this smartphone when Samsung releases it? Like the one from GSMArena, a secret source close to Samsung has begun to be brave to uncover the prices of the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 +.

According to him, the Galaxy Note10 will be marketed in Europe starting at a price of US $ 1,125 or around Rp.15.7 million . Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note10 + will be priced at US $ 1,149 or around Rp.16 million . Both are the most basic models with an internal storage capacity of 256 GB.

It is certain that the price of the smartphone will likely vary in each country. This also depends on the tax of each country and the policies or offers offered by each retailer in each country.

Until now, Samsung itself has not revealed more about the duo Note10. But through some previous rendering leaks, it was revealed that the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + would have the same design, except for the screen size and embedded camera support.

Previous leaks also revealed that Samsung allegedly no longer loads a 3.5mm audio jack into its premium smartphone. Not only that, Samsung is also expected to “throw” the special Bixby button and shift the power button to the left side below the volume button.

Until August 7, 2019, there will still be approximately three weeks. Of course we hope the leakage of the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + will continue to flow. Not only that, we also hope Samsung has begun to gradually reveal the superiority of its premium smartphone.

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