UNPACKED 2019: Samsung introduces two new Galaxy Note to boost life

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In an event held in New York City, Samsung introduced two new Galaxy Note 10 devices, a new version of the format that started large screens 8 years ago.

NIUSGEEK is in New York for another year to meet the new member of the “Galaxy Note” family, a format that has managed to retain a large number of users with a format of much power in concept. We had the opportunity to be in this same city last year, and today we already have the Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ at hand.

Design above all

We see a really nice team, with straighter corners than the S10 at the beginning of the year . Samsung has managed to keep a little of the Note 9 in both models: the screen size in the Note 10 and the dimensions of the device in the Note 10+.

One of the details worth mentioning is the simplification of buttons in this new generation. The right edge is clean of hardware, while on the left the volume and lock buttons are housed , which works as a launcher for Bixby, the company’s assistant.

The screen varies in both models, both in size and resolution. In the case of the “input” model it has a 6.3-inch AMOLED FullHD + panel , while the older brother reaches 6.8 and a QuadHD + resolution, in addition to having support for HDR10 +, a really standard color standard tall.

In addition to the technology implemented on the screen for greater detail, this new phone has been certified with two very interesting options: UL Certification , a development that has already taken just over a year, where Samsung screens have a greater resistance to falls and adverse climates. The other is a TÜV (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein) certification regarding the mitigation of the blue color of the panel and reducing the eye damage that this type of panels causes in the long term.

A revitalized S-Pen

For a few years, a phrase about the Note line has come to mind : “The most powerful teams do not have an integrated pen, and the teams that have an integrated pen are not as powerful.” In the case of this new generation of S-Pen, Samsung revitalizes the conditions it offers: more autonomy outside the team and gestural control over several options.

Now, and thanks to a renewed system, we can use the S-Pen as a remote controlto quickly change content or zoom in on certain parts of a content. In addition, these options are “customizable” and can be adjusted personally. For a better experience, Samsung has released the SDK of this innovation to developers during the event.

The autonomy of the S-Pen allows a day of use of up to 10 hours, without the need to load the equipment into the cavity of the telephone base. Depending on the design, the color of the S-Pen changes.

Aiming at content creators with augmented reality

Samsung has raised the fence with the suite for content creators. We already had an integration with Instagram, but Koreans go further with their native video editor . This new feature allows quick cuts in editing for publication on social networks.

One of the novelties in the team is the inclusion of augmented reality tools , which can now be added in real-time video. Samsung calls it “AR Doodle” and allows you to add elements of augmented reality on videos and automatically “track” people on the move.

In addition, ONE UI incorporates a native screen capturer that allows you to include a user avatar to display in the shot. This system allows the use of S-Pen tools for graphic details about the video we are creating. If you are going to record the tutorial of an application, you can highlight your explanation with strokes and graphics.

A team of other eyes

In the case of cameras, Samsung provides equipment with different conditions. On the one hand, only the Note 10+ adds a ToF system next to the triple lens system: 12MP of main, 12MP of telephoto at 2X zoom and an angle of 16MP.

The significant change is the front lens under the “Infinite O” mode of the screen, a medium-perforated panel that is more tolerable than a full notch. According to Samsung, this type of technology is very difficult to develop perfectly, but they have managed to eliminate the reflection of the panel’s LEDs on the lens, in addition to accommodating more components in less space.

Power and autonomy

This new generation of Note 10 has greater autonomy compared to previous generations, and each configuration responds to that setup . In the case of Note 10, Samsung assigns 3500 mAh for its FullHD + screen, which already allows an acceptable level of charge for the day. In the case of Note 10 Plus, the measurement goes up to 4300 mAh, and more RAM and disk capacity are assigned, in addition to the QuadHD + panel

In the case of the process and storage, the Note 10 model carries 8GB of RAM and an internal capacity of 256GB, while the most expensive model carries 12GB of RAM and capacities of 256GB, 512GB and a TB.

For the cooling of the unit, Samsung improves its steam chamber system. This method, present from S7, generates a steam microcycle in a thin pipe under the back cover. In software, South Koreans add a “Game Booster” based on artificial intelligence, which will understand user preferences based on the game. In addition, the “Galaxy Link” mode was announced, which allows you to add peripherals to the device.

The same is always good

AKG audio, reversible charging system, IP68 protection and the classic attributes of a high-end smartphone are included in this version. There is no doubt that there is a dedication in Samsung to keep the user’s interest alive in a category in which it basically competes alone.

There is an absolute truth regarding the history of the Note. Samsung has managed to capitalize to the maximum a trend that satisfies performance, design and autonomy with each product presented in this line. There is no other powerful team that integrates a pencil, and there is no team with a pencil that is more powerful. I hope to have it in the hands for the test.

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