We tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: more powerful, less large

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We tested the new Samsung phones, smartphones that renew the commitment to the S Pen: these are our impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

After many months of rumors, filtered photos and features that were anticipated ahead of time we finally have among us those who will be protagonists of Samsung for the remainder of the year: the Note 10 . We already know all the features officially, we have even done a retrospective of the range to see how the Galaxy Note evolved . Now it’s time to perform a first analysis.

I was lucky to meet the two models a week ago thanks to an early meeting organized by the brand. There I tried both the “normal” Samsung Galaxy Note 10and the vitamin or Note + model ; Checking first hand its varied color range and even had some of the accessories in my hand. The feelings were very good. No breakers, yes.Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10 +: Samsung’s most professional mobilesSamsung Galaxy Note: the evolution of Samsung’s big bet

I have been with the Samsung Galaxy S10 + since it came out, so I had the opportunity to face it with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 . There are no exaggerated differences beyond the inclusion of the S Pen , which is the true differentiator. Of course, that is why they are still great phones: Samsung has managed to improve what was already at a great level. Without the evolution being huge.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Both Note 10 models share most of the hardware, differing mainly in size . At the level of benefits, the inclusion of the Exynos 9825 , an evolution of the Exynos 9820 included in the Galaxy S10, promises lower consumption thanks to its 7nm manufacturing and better performance in general processing and, specifically, in Artificial Intelligence. It is not a huge improvement, but an update to what deserves a “premium” range at the end of 2019.

We tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: more powerful, less large

Below are the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 :

  • Screen:
    • Dynamic AMOLED technology  with HDR10 + certification  and 1200 nits of brightness.
    • [Note10 +]  QHD + resolution  (3040 x 1440 pixels, 498 ppi).
    • [Note10]  FullHD + resolution  (2280 x 1080 pixels, 401 ppi).
    • 6.3 inches  [Note10] /  6.8 inches  [Note10 +] in 19: 9 ratio.
  • Performance:
    • Samsung  Exynos 9825  manufactured at 7nm.
      • CPU: 2 cores and 2.8 GHz, 2 cores and 2.4 GHz and 4 cores and 1.8 GHz.
      • GPU: Mali-G76.
      • Neural unit for AI.
    • 8GB  [note10] /  12 GB  [note10 +] DDR4X of RAM memory.
    • 256 GB  [Note10] /  256 GB or 512 GB  [Note10 +] of UFS 3.0 storage.
    • [Note10 +]  MicroSD up to 512 GB  in the slot of the second SIM card.
  • Cameras:
    • Frontal:
      • 10 Mpx with aperture f / 2.2  and autofocus with 80º angle.
    • Rear:
      • Main camera (77º wide) of  16 Mpx with variable aperture between f / 1.5 and f / 2.4 , autofocus and optical stabilizer. Dual pixel
      • Camera  wide angle (123 °) 12 Megapixel  with f / 2.2 and autofocusing. Dual pixel
      • Camera  telephoto (45 ° angle) 12 Megapixel  with f / 2.4, autofocus and optical stabilizer. Dual pixel
      • [Note10 +]  DepthVision camera for depth measurement  in the scene with VGA resolution, f / 1.4 aperture and 72º angle.
    • Connections:
      • Charging port ( fast at 45 W ) and data ( USB 3.1 ) with USB-C connector.
      • Qi wireless charging  zone  at the rear:
        • Able to charge the mobile at 15 W.
        • Able to charge other mobiles and accessories at 9 W.
      • Ethernet compatibility with a USB-C adapter and WiFi a / b / g / n / ac / ax  (Wi-Fi 4/5/6 ). Wi-Fi Direct ANT +. NFC Bluetooth 5.0 .
    • Size:
      • Samsung Galaxy Note10:
        • 0 x 71.8 x 7.9 mm.
        • 168 g
      • Samsung Galaxy Note10 +:
        • 3 x 77.2 x 7.9 mm.
        • 196 g

No big surprises in the design beyond the front camera and the absence of headphone jack

We tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: more powerful, less large

Broadly speaking, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 maintains the essence of the range, that essence that we saw in the Note 9 , for example. They are mobile of excellent construction, as the brand uses. Double-sided glass, solid aluminum body … And much more compact and contained in dimensions, something that is especially marked in the “normal” Note 10 . 

Whoever looks for a super high-end mobile phone, with great features, touch pen and put as an essential requirement that it is not too big already has its main candidate.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is bigger in the hand than the normal Galaxy Note 10. Not like to be difficult to grab, but more annoying. In aesthetics they are identical until they are put together: the size gives them away; In addition to the back side since the Note 10+ has a fourth camera, the ToF.

We tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: more powerful, less large

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and its official covers

Neither of the two has a headphone jack (error), both bet to put all the buttons on the left side (it is hard to find the power one since its position is not natural) and dispense with the button dedicated to Bixby (hallelujah?) To Do serve the ignition. The S Pen is housed in the lower part of the phone, being completely hidden so as not to trip; and just press on it so that it stands out enough to remove it. It is not something simple to do, both hands are needed.

The screen remains curved edges without exaggeration . The paradox is that Samsung reduces the curvature and the brands that are integrating this type of AMOLED screens do the opposite, forcing the curved edges. In this sense, and in my opinion, I think the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will please those who prefer premium flat-screen phones (saving distances). 

In addition, immersion is greatly favored without the hole for the front chamber disturbing excessively. I think that in a matter of position the Galaxy S10 is more comfortable, but I guess it’s a matter of taste.

We tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: more powerful, less large

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Both mobiles slide quite a hand. The two offer protection against dust and water IP68 , include the USB-C port on the bottom next to the speaker output, have a second speaker in the call headset to produce a powerful stereo and Samsung changes the arrangement of rear cameras to a vertical module (instead of the horizontal one, as in the Samsung Galaxy S10 ).

The two feel solid in the hand, as corresponds to a mobile of its range (and price). The fragility of the crystal is there; even if both Note 10 bet on Corning Gorilla Glass 6 for the front and back. It is not a guarantee against bumps and scratches, but it offers great resistance. As always, the first purchase after the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 must be a case.

Very high performance and with a screen that falls in love

We tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: more powerful, less large

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung keeps the best of its hardware in these phones. New Exynos 9825 , 8 GB of RAM in the Note 10 and 12 GB in the Note 10+, both models are standard of 256 GB of storage and only the plus version has expansion by SD card. This is another difference that makes the superior model slightly better in performance.

Not that I could spend a lot of time handling the devices, but I did have the feeling that they were as fluid as they should be, and that they still didn’t have the final system version. One UI flows correctly (it is also very heavy, one of lime and another of sand), the S Pen interface integrates seamlessly into the system and, ultimately, they are mobile that assert their price and status. I do not know if they really are worth what they cost since the price of the Galaxy Note 10 is (very) high, but at least almost nothing is missing.

We tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: more powerful, less large

The screen of the new models repeats with the Dynamic AMOLED technology of the Galaxy S10 offering high level of detail, great color representation, high contrast and a very good immersion. It is compatible with HDR10 + and allows gestures in the air thanks to the benefits of the S Pen. 

This has improved with respect to the Galaxy Note 9 : thanks to the Bluetooth connection between pencil and mobile now allows its use almost as a magic wand. Pressing the button you can pass photos (lateral movement), scroll on a web (vertical movement) and even zoom in the camera (just rotate the S Pen in the air). It takes a bit to get hold of them, it takes practice.

We tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: more powerful, less large

The S Pen is now unibody , in line with the Galaxy Note 10 itself. It stays in the usual size without bothering to use. Yes it costs a little to get it out of the phone: as I said in the design section, it is a task that must be done with both hands.

In terms of games the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 maintain the level of what has already been seen by the S10. We were testing a demo of Call of Duty with high-level graphics: mobiles chewed the game without complication. What there will not be are gifts around Fortnite : I asked those responsible for Samsung and the answer was that mobile phones will not bring skin for the famous Battle Royale.

The differences between both Galaxy Note mainly refer to the size

We tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: more powerful, less large

All colors of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+

We have already seen that the two models have somewhat different hardware: more battery in the Note 10+, also more RAM, SD Card, a larger screen and higher resolution and a fourth camera dedicated to the ToF depth sensor . They are notable differences, but the basics are in size.

Using the smallest and using the largest makes a huge difference in driving comfort. Samsung has achieved with the “normal” Note 10 one of its mostpremium and powerful “premium” phones . For me it is the best choice: it offers all the good things about the S Pen, it includes quality that overflows around each corner, the photographic set is almost identical and, in return, you get a much more content phone.

We tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: more powerful, less large

The brightness of some models do not get along with the photos

After a short time using both models the little one gave me better feelings; However, as a technology sufferer, I am attracted to the best features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ . 

The greater battery capacity is something to keep in mind: without being able to prove how they go on energy expenditure since the time of a test is always short, I anticipate a high duration between load and load. If with the Galaxy S10 + step of the day, and it has 4100 mAh, it is expected that the Note 10+ will arrive within two days without much effort. The Exynos 9825should contribute to this; for more than the huge number of apps running in the background, they remain autonomous.

We tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: more powerful, less large

Both models are compatible with reverse wireless charging and become the first Note that incorporate it. They also charge wirelessly much faster: Samsung says that with Qi fast charging the Note 10 revives faster than the Note 9 with its original charger . And if we talk about chargers … The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has another advantage over its smaller brother: it is compatible with fast charging of 45 W. Yes, you have to buy the charger separately: in the package of both “only” a 25 W. charger comes

Conclusion: two models for an evolution that does not revolutionize

We tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: more powerful, less large

Little can be improved in the Note range beyond polishing the defects found in the previous models . In addition, Samsung has lost one of the key features since the screens are now huge and very well used. The other trick is the S Pen, an element that remains unbeatable … if you really take advantage of its benefits. Which are many and remarkable.

The S Pen takes a leap in interaction allowing to manage actions even at a distance . It is very comfortable, the screen responds to the strokes as if it were paper and is positioned as the perfect tool for cartoonists, for those who wish to take freehand notes and for those looking for an extra productivity tool. If this is not the case, my recommendation is to choose one of the Samsung Galaxy S10: they have dropped a lot in price and do not make too much difference in performance, even despite having the Exynos 9820.

We tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 10: more powerful, less large

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

In the absence of thorough analysis of the devices, something we will do shortly, here are the first impressions that I took after holding them. They are the new jewel of Samsung. A very polished jewel that every time differs less from the rest of the jewelry. Of course, I am convinced that it will not disappoint anyone.

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