WhatsApp: these smartphones in the coming months will no longer be able to use the app. The complete list

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Bad news for those who have an older smartphone and above all with operating systems not updated to the latest release. Yes, because in recent times there has been a lot of talk on smartphones that will no longer support WhatsApp and therefore will not release more updates for the app that will become practically unusable. As happened some time ago, the company wants to replicate abandoning some phones now considered obsolete due to the platform’s novelties.

The problem clearly arises from the introduction of multiple new WhatsApp functions that cannot run on old operating systems as well as on smartphones with too modest hardware. Smartphone manufacturers have tried to remedy this by introducing some “buffer” updates, but it is clear that the generational trend of some operating systems or even smartphones in themselves has not allowed some phones to have a bright future.

WhatsApp: here is the list of unsupported devices

According to the developers, WhatsApp will no longer be available for smartphones:

  • Android  with version  2.3.7 or earlier  (from 1 February 2020)
  • iPhone  with version of  iOS 7 or earlier  (from 1 February 2020)
  • Nokia S40 and S60  (already deactivated since December 2017)
  • Smartphone with  Windows Phone  (from December 2019)
  • Smartphone with  BlackBerry OS  (already deactivated from December 2017)
  • Smartphone with  BlackBerry 10  (already deactivated from December 2017)

To understand which type of operating system version  you have, it will be enough to set up your smartphone on your settings. In particular:

  • Android:  Settings -> System -> About and you’ll find the Android version
  • iOS:  Settings -> General -> Info / Software update and you will find the iOS version

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