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To spoil mobile gamers, Xiaomi through the Black Shark sub-brand has released Black Shark 2 in March 2019 ago. This smartphone is marketed for the first time in China and in May 2019, Black Shark 2 has penetrated the Indian market.

From a number of rumors circulating, Black Shark 2 in the near future will launch officially in Indonesia. It was mentioned, to deal with the  Domestic Component Level (TKDN) , this smartphone has also fulfilled the requirements, namely at least 30{9827066f020ef52f34183fd8722b353c906dfe9f44afe4042ab2d64055848091} as determined by the Indonesian government.

Related to this, David Li as the Global VP Manager of Black Shark has spoken out. He firmly said that Indonesia was one of the markets that they were targeting to market Black Shark 2.

In addition, David Li also strives to build a strong community in Indonesia in order to provide a more comfortable gaming experience, especially through Black Shark 2 which is indeed made as a superior gaming smartphone.

Yes! Being alluded to as a superior gaming smartphone, Black Shark 2 itself has been equipped with a top chipset made by Qualcomm, namely with Snapdragon 855 . In addition, this smartphone has also been supported with a choice of 6 GB and 12 GB RAM and 128 GB and 256 GB internal storage options.

Black Shark 2 has a 6.39-inch AMOLED screen from Samsung. Thanks to optimization, input latency is reduced to 43.5 ms. The screen is also very sensitive to pressure, Magic Press allows users to map buttons to the left and right side of the screen that can be triggered by pressing harder on the screen.

FullHD + HDR-capable screen and includes DCI-P3 color space with ΔE <1. To ensure colors remain accurate, there are four ambient light sensors that help the image processor specifically monitor the user’s environment and adjust the screen precisely.

The typical brightness of the screen is 430 nits. Full DC dimming avoids flicker problems at low brightness levels. There is also motion interpolation similar to the high frame rate mode on the TV (although it is not clear whether the screen itself can be higher than 60Hz).

The Black Shark 2 has two stereo speakers facing forward, so users can hold the handset horizontally without blocking the speaker. This smartphone also carries an X-shaped antenna arrangement, which is claimed to be able to provide stronger signal reception.

There is also an add-on Cooling Case with a fan that helps eliminate more heat, lowering the temperature again by 5 degrees. Whereas Ludicrous Mode facilitates temperature slowdown and AI ensures everything runs optically, from CPU / GPU, network and even charging speed.

This smartphone has also been equipped with a 4,000 mAh capacity battery that supports 27W fast charging. There is also a dual camera support on the back, the main module is a 48 MP Quad Bayer sensor with 0.8μm pixels and an f / 1.75 aperture.

The second camera has a 2x telephoto lens and a 12 MP sensor (1.0μm pixels). Meanwhile, to answer gamers who like narcissistic selfies, Black Shark has also equipped the Black Shark 2 with a 20 MP front camera (f /μm).

So, when will Black Shark 2 be officially launched in Indonesia and how about its availability in the market? Related to this, David Li is still reluctant to reveal it. So, what are you waiting for and how do you respond to this?

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