Xiaomi Mi A3 Launch Date Finally Announced

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Xiaomi continues to tempt gadget lovers with Mi A3. Until now, the leaks regarding the middle-class smartphone continue to flow on the internet. But not a few are wondering, when this smartphone will be officially introduced by Xiaomi.

Nuestros Mi Fans lo tienen claro, la serie Mi A reúne todo lo necesario: sistema Android, y todas las ventajas de ser un dispositivo Xiaomi.

In addition, recently the official Twitter account of Xiaomi has also shared three teasers that reveal the main selling points of the smartphone. Yes! Some of the improvements in the Xiaomi Mi A3 are compared to the Mi A2 which was introduced last year

Mentioned, the A3 A3 has a better performance improvement compared to the Mi A2. Of course, this is closely related to the chipset embedded in the smartphone. Xiaomi also exhibited an increase in the Mi A3 related to the fingerprint scanner in the embedded screen.

The last teaser shows an increase in the power supply sector. Yes! Xiaomi said that the A3 A3 will have a larger battery capacity compared to the Mi A2. Like the previous Mi A lineup, the Mi A3 will also be part of the Android One program.

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